Spring’s menu at MASH

Finally, we can welcome the spring months, and with that comes a change in our menu. Dive into the new dishes here, which you can enjoy at MASH right now.

Three times a year, the menu at MASH changes, and it always happens in relation to the turn of the year. Each season has its own qualities and wonderful produce, which we make a virtue of adding to our menu. This means that you can always enjoy dishes that suit the season and are made with respect for the produce that are in season. 

The calendar is now writing March, and therefore we at MASH can welcome both spring and the spring menu. Some of your favorites have of course been allowed to stay on the menu, while others have been replaced with new delights. 

Fresh spring starters  

Look forward to tasting our three new starters, which first and foremost offer fried scallops with horseradish mayo, cress and lemon. A wonderful taste experience that combines the soft and crispy element with sweet, sour and a touch of spicy. Our classic carpaccio has undergone a makeover and is now ready to be enjoyed in a new version with Gammel Knas, lemon and chive oil and Caesar dressing. This version is full of flavor and has a wonderful creaminess that adds an extra touch to the classic version. 

You probably know the Italian classic, Cacio e Pepe. Now you can taste this delicious pasta in our own MASH interpretation with homemade tortellini, pecorino, crushed black pepper and lots of parmesan. And if you love Rossini caviar, you can now enjoy 1575 grams of Black Label caviar served with blinis, onions and creme fraiche. 

Last but not least, we have added a new concept to the menu: Seasonal starter. We always strive to serve you the most delicious produce, and spring in particular offers many seasonal flavors that are ideal to serve as delicate starters. Ask in the restaurant when you visit MASH what is the Seasonal starter of the day. 

Something for your thirst and sweet tooth

The icing on the cake of a dinner is of course a dessert for the sweet tooth. Look forward to tasting a caramel pie with salted caramel, baked white chocolate, blue cornflower and espresso/honey ice cream from Kastberg’s Gourmet Ice Cream. You can also end the dinner with Tipsy pineapple served with caramelized pineapple, crumble and apple sorbet – of course also from Kastberg’s. 

The cocktail menu is filled with new names that are ready to quench your cocktail thirst and pamper your taste buds. For example, take a trip to Oaxaca in Mexico with Mexican Medicine, enjoy the taste of love with Love Potion made from the love fruit lychee or fulfill your green needs of the day with Basil B*tch. 

Remember, you can always dive into the restaurants’ cocktail menus here.

Book a table here and enjoy spring at MASH. We look forward to welcoming you!

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