The Winter Menu has arrived

Today we’re changing the menu at MASH! We’re excited to introduce you to our Winter Menu, featuring a variety of new exciting dishes, fine wines and delicious cocktails.

Mushroom tortellini with grated truffle, octopus carpaccio, prawns au gratin and a steak voted the world’s best at the World Steak Challenge 2022!

These are just some of the delights you can look forward to tasting from MASH’s new menu. 

Winter is just around the corner and this is reflected in our menu, which includes many new, wonderful wintery sides. Seasonal ingredients offer plenty of flavour and colour, resulting in delicate and inviting dishes.

You can also look forward to enjoying some of our well-known MASH classics that have returned to the menu. And don’t forget our delightful dessert menu, bursting with tasty dishes for your sweet tooth! 

No dinner is complete without the right beverage. We’ve unearthed the best wines of the season and novel cocktails have made their debut, so our wine and cocktail list features some tasty new drops too! 

You can explore our new menu here. 

We look forward to serving you all our dishes and welcoming you inside MASH for a cozy evening in great company! 

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